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     Technology Vision Statement

    ​At Mesa, we believe that understanding and using technology is an integral part of virtually all aspects of daily life in the 21st Century.  Using technology in our classrooms creates new ways in which we can instruct, as well as provides new opportunities for student learning.  Integrating technology in our teaching and learning allows us to:
    • Meet the needs of various learning styles
    • Create a more collaborative environment
    • Engage learners in different ways
    • Provide current, relevant resources
    • Improve academic achievement in all areas

    In today’s world, students must be able to problem solve, collaborate, adapt, transfer skills, communicate appropriately, and create.  We want to prepare our students for the future by allowing them a safe environment in which to hone these skills, as well as learn how to be responsible digital citizens.  The use of Chromebooks, tablets, and other devices are tools we use to help students develop these competencies at Mesa Elementary School.