Kindergarten Enrichment

    KG-Enrichment in Mesa garden

    What is the Kindergarten Enrichment Program?
    This program complements Mesa's half-day Kindergarten class.  It provides a fun, creative program that includes a supervised lunch and recess period.  Programming is specifically designed for children ages 5-6.
    We emphasize four key areas:
    • ​social skills and positive friendships
    • creativity
    • strong problem solving skills
    • literacy experiences
    The program uses a play-based, developmentally appropriate curriculum.  We encourage children to build on their natural curiosity, imagination, and thinking abilities.  Children are given opportunities to explore their interests and to try new things.

    2018-2019 Schedule Options and Fees:
    • 2 days per week, Tuesday / Thursday, $260.00 per month
    • 3 days per week, Monday / Wednesday / Friday, $355.00 per month
    • 5 days per week, Monday - Friday, $515.00 per month
    Financial assistance through the Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) and Free/Reduced Lunch Program (FRL) may be available for those who qualify.
    Other Information:
    • The program follows the BVSD calendar.
    • Lunch options: Children may purchase a hot lunch at school or bring a cold lunch from home.
    • Registration forms are submitted electronically.  See the Kindergarten Enrichment website for online registration.


    Have Questions?
    Please contact the BVSD Kindergarten Enrichment Program, (720) 561-5970, or visit the BVSD Kindergarten Enrichment website.



     Meet our Kindergarten Enrichment Staff