Extracurricular Activities

    Extracurricular activities at Mesa Elementary School are offered before, during, or after school. Please note that space may be limited in some programs.

     M&Ms spring concert

    Art Shows
    Students' projects are displayed in the halls during grade-level art shows.

    All students and staff meet one Monday per month at 8:40am to reinforce our strong sense of community and to practice appropriate assembly behaviors.  Birthdays are recognized, activities are announced, awards are given, and students perform special talents.

    Field Days
    Each spring, students in every grade level spend a half day competing in a variety of outdoor events.

    Fitness Club
    The Fitness Club walks, runs and jogs during the spring, with many students training for the Bolder Boulder.

    Instrumental Music
    Fifth grade students work with strings, brass, and woodwinds twice each week during the school year.  Instrument rental is available.

    Junior Great Books
    Students read and interpret literature in small groups led by parent volunteers.

    Kids Heart Challenge
    This school-wide event in February gives children an opportunity to raise money for the American Heart Association.

    This vocal music group is for all interested 4th and 5th graders and performs three concerts each year.  Parent volunteers assist in an annual musical production.

    Math Olympiads
    4th and 5th graders meet weekly to expand math skills and compete on the Math Olympiad team.

    Mile Run
    Each grade visits the track at Fairview High School to run one mile.  Students set individual goals and try to exceed their individual personal best time.

    Music Programs
    Each spring, students in first, second, third, and kindergarten perform in curriculum-related music programs.

    Outdoor Education/Adventure
    Fifth grade students spend three days at Camp LaForet in the Colorado Black Forest.  Activities focus on regular academic curricula, outdoor education, and adventure education including orienteering and map reading skills.

    Student Council
    Delegates from each class work together on school issues and provide community service.

    Talented and Gifted (TAG)
    TAG-identified students in second through fifth grade work in small groups with their peers on a variety of language arts, math, and science projects.