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Special Programs


Mesa offers students a wide variety of special programs and activities related to academics, arts, athletics, culture, and community activities.  We encourage parents and children to take advantage of these opportunities that are available in our school.


  • Battle of the Books

  • Math Olympiads

  • Various Lifelong Learning Classes (Legos, Robotics)

  • Gifted & Talented (GT)

  • Student Council


  • Art Shows

  • Grade-level Music Programs

  • Instrumental Music

  • M&Ms Vocal Choir


  • Fitness Club

  • Kids Heart Challenge

  • Field Days

  • 5th Grade Outdoor Education‚Äč

  • Yoga

  • Fun Run

Students Connecting with Each Other

  • CUBS (bi-lingual club)

  • Treehouse Groups (student across grades doing a monthly activity together)

  • Art From the Heart