School Governance

    ​Mesa’s governance structure includes our School Accountability Committee (SAC) and Parent Teacher Organization (PTO).

    ​SAC (School Accountability Committee)
    The SAC:
    • Sets and evaluates annual goals and publishes the End of Year Report
    • Evaluates programs at Mesa and suggests ways to improve the experience for students
    SAC members serve on the District Accountability Committee (DAC) and the District Parent Council (DPC).  Participation on SAC is open to all Mesa parents, staff, and community members.
    PTO (Parent Teacher Organization)
    The purpose of the Mesa PTO is to support Mesa by organizing financial and volunteer resources to implement and support desired programs.
    PTO fundraising committees sustain our school’s KG-5 Math Enrichment, KG-5 Literacy Support, and KG-5 General Student Support programs as well as provide mini and major grants to classroom teachers.
    PTO organizes our volunteer program.  Volunteer opportunities include one time events, on-going events, hospitality, and classroom work.  Volunteers are welcomed and valued at Mesa!
    Participation in PTO is open to all Mesa parents and staff.  Meeting times and dates are published on the Mesa Calendar.
    The primary function of the Principal, teachers, and support staff is the education and guidance of all Mesa students.
    The major responsibility of the Principal is to oversee the day-to-day operation of the school in a manner that establishes a positive climate reflective of the Mesa mission statement.
    In addition to their instructional responsibilities, teachers are asked to serve Mesa in a variety of ways.  Teacher responsibility for serving on at least two school committees ensures a measure of interaction with parent volunteers and school leaders on issues of broader concern than individual student or class performance.